Ultrasonic Scalers

Designed for Comfort

Ultrasonic Scalers is the latest generation Cavitron Plus scaler with features such as; Advanced Comfort Technology™, which delivers patient comfort in these ways:

  • High-speed linear tip motion
  • Light, lateral pressure that is quiet using minimal water in a light mist to increase patient acceptance
  • Reduces the need for anesthesia for most patients
  • Ability to deliver desensitizing agents during use
  • Heated, subgingival irrigation, a soothing therapy after scaling and root planing therapy
  • Effective for use on all adults—not just periodontal patients
  • Safe for patients with pacemakers

Ultrasonic Scalers uses a non-surgical periodontal therapy and a newer treatment for calculus removal. Calculus or tartar is the calcified bacterial products that collect and attach to the teeth and root surfaces. This new treatment option enables your hygienist to remove the tartar buildup and biofilms from your teeth with minimal-to-no damage to tooth roots — scaling is a critical step to arrest periodontal infection and maintain good oral health.

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