Dental Implants for Tooth loss

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Dental implants are a minimally invasive surgical technique for reconstructing dental arches to their original form and getting a beautiful smile back. The causes for partial or total tooth loss is multiple. In addition to pathological factors related to the immune system and metabolic disorders, tooth loss can be caused by many other factors. Here are a couple of reasons why you could be experiencing tooth loss:

  1. Bad habits (such as smoking)
  2. Poor diet (vitamin deficiency or high sugar/carbohydrate intake)
  3. Severe trauma that involves damage to the base of the tooth
  4. Gum Infection, Gingivitis
  5. Periodontal disease. When untreated, gum infections otherwise known as gingivitis can result in the loss of elasticity of the supporting gum tissues. This can lead to the onset of periodontal disease which is the leading cause of tooth loss. In the long run, periodontal disease can damage the pulp of the tooth, weakening it to the point of dropping the tooth.
  6. Conditions such as osteopenia or established osteoporosis cause fragile bone tissue which can lead to alveolar (the thickening ridge of bone that contains the tooth socket) sponginess resulting in tooth loss uy9nnwf.

Dental implants can help you regain the functionality of lost teeth

If prevention does not help to avoid tooth loss, you can still use one of the techniques made available by modern orthodontics for the restoration of your smile. Among these, the best method in terms of success, durability and low risk of failure is dental implantation.

Through the placing of titanium implants, on which a resin prostheses will be screwed on, the surgeon can make your smile beautiful and you very well may regain normal chewing function, even in the presence of periodontal disease.

If you are experiencing tooth loss, visit Paradise Valley Family Dental for a consultation, we will help you get your smile back.

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