Laser therapy, more precise treatments and less pain

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Laser therapy is a versatile and painless technology that is very effective for the treatment of mucous membranes, gums, teeth and roots.

If you are experiencing tooth decay, laser therapy will target and remove the diseased part, leaving your healthy tooth structure intact. This is thanks to a micro-explosion that reshapes the surface of the tooth without damaging the healthy part.

Laser treatment also helps with periodontitis, it is useful for eliminating bacteria from periodontal pockets without causing bleeding and swelling. Besides being a very precise and safe technique, the laser can also accelerate healing in patients that received dental implant surgery.

The use of laser therapy does not require anesthesia, which is really good news for pregnant women, heart patients, children and all those who do not like going to the dentist (so almost everyone).

Laser therapy eliminates pain as well as reducing the duration and frequency of dental sessions and retires the hated sting of anesthesia. Why has it any other way?

The excuses for postponing periodic monitoring by a dentist are over, with laser therapy, everything becomes easier and painless. Laser Therapy can help with the following:

  • Care of periodontitis
  • Assists with Oral Surgery
  • Reduced need for anesthesia, which helps with heart patients, pregnant woman, and children
  • Faster and accurate work, which means shorter time spent in the dreaded chair
  • Faster recovery, so you can get back to normal life without having to explain why your face is double its size.

Paradise Valley Family Dental can treat you today! If you are experiencing toothache or decay, don’t hesitate to call.

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